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Training for Life
   Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Hilltop Dog Training has been helping dog owners develop great working relationships with their dogs since 2005.
   Our seminars and workshops on Clicker Training and positive reinforcement training have shown dozens of owners the way to a more effective and humane way of working with their dogs.  Hilltop students have gone on to excel in dog sports like Rally-O, Agility, and Tracking while others have simply enjoyed a richer and more compatible life in a more dog friendly home.
   Our classes are designed to teach owners how to more effectively communicate with their dogs and to provide them with the tools to train the behaviours they want in a creative and positive way.  We provide resources to allow our clients to continue to explore training with their dog either on their own or with follow on classes with Hilltop.
   Our goal is to provide our clients with a solid foundation of knowledge about dogs and training science to allow them to create and explore a more rewarding life with their dogs!
Hilltop training uses the latest science in animal behaviour and relies on over 100 years of behavioural science.  Our approach draws on the work of Pavlov, Skinner, and current behavioural research and animal training technologies.  We don't rely on devices or punishments.  We focus on clear communication and creating happy, successful dogs.
At Hilltop, we believe that our first responsibility to dogs is to teach them to be happy and successful in our lives.  No two homes are exactly alike and we  create training plans to help owners teach their dogs the behaviours and activities that they want to enjoy with their dogs in the WAY they want to enjoy them.  In a very real sense, we are partners with our clients in creating a great working relationship with their dogs.
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